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This is a school appropraite message under the about me section on my website, very nice, very cool. The creator of this website is me, that's all the information that will be given in this section, thanks for reading.

Course Units

Unit 3

Color Palette for the hypothetical client

My hypothetical client is a kindergarden teacher.

The five colors I choose are: #73CC91; #549B6C; #96ECB3; #68AAB6; and #FFA18F

My main colors is a light green, my darkest shade is a dark green, and my lightest shade is a lighter green. My accent colors are a light blue and a rose colored red.

Color Pallette For Kindergarden Teacher
Main Color: Ivy Green Darkest Shade: Dark Ivy Green Lightest Shade: Lght Ivy Green Accent Color 1: Accent Color 1: A baby Blue, I would use this to show what the kids are learning and different units that will be happening during the year Accent Color 2: Rose Red, I would use it to highlight important dates or information on the website.
#73CC91 #549B6C #96ECB3 #68AAB6 #FFA18F
Color Swatch:

Fonts in CSS

There are two main catagories of fonts: "serif" and "sans serif"

This paragraph should apear as Garamond, although it may defalt to another serif font.

This paragraph should show up in Verdana, although it may default to another sans serif font.

This paragraph should show up in Courier New.

This paragraph should be in comic sans.

This paragraph should be in papyrus, or it will default to impact.

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7

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